How to make a garage in a comfortable place

make a garage in a comfortable place

A garage is not just a place where you can store your car and its accessories. A garage is a place that can be turned into anything, especially if the house or apartment does not have a large area. With a little effort and imagination, you can turn the garage from a dark, damp place with a bunch of unnecessary things into a cozy and beautiful room for different needs. In the meantime, you are thinking about what is in your garage that we will offer a few garage ideas for yours.

Children playground

Children playground in garage

When there is not enough space in the apartment, and the children almost “destroyed” the house and there is a garage, you can make a spacious playroom for children, where they will not disturb anyone with their screams. Paint the walls in bright colors, paste colorful Wallpapers, and hang pictures with your favorite characters of children. Put a Swedish wall, bars, Alpine ropes, mats, swings, and other children’s joys. Take care of toys, soft carpets, and furniture. You can install a game console, plasma TV, drawing Board, music center so that children have fun to the fullest and do not disturb you.


Guesthouse in garage

When the garage is located next to a private house, but there is no space inside the house to accommodate guests, you can equip the garage for a guest house. Only first you need to take care of internal communications (water, sewer, heating, electricity) and repair. The garage space should be divided into appropriate sections – a kitchenette, a toilet with shower, a bedroom, and a living room (but you can do without it). Put the furniture and you can start the guests to spend the night.

Lounge area

Lounge area in garage

A lounge area is an unacceptable luxury in an apartment or house where there is not enough space. But you want to have a place where you can relax and relax. Hang a large plasma, put a comfortable sofa corner sofa, karaoke, make a bar, and allocate space for the dance floor. That’s it, you can relax and hang out all night.

By the way, the lounge area can be organized purely for men or women.

If for men – you can put a billiard table, darts, a game console with plasma, a refrigerator with beer… For women, you can organize a mini-SPA: a massage table, comfortable Ottomans, a table with cosmetics, and even a Jacuzzi.


Library garage

If you have earned the fame of a bookworm and you have so many books in your house that there is not enough space for them, you can make your own library in the garage. It’s very convenient. You want to retire for your favorite work, went to the garage and all … high. Read it, don’t reread it, no one will bother you. All you need to buy a rocking chair or a bag chair, or a suspended chair (in General, choose what you will be comfortable to sit in), choose good lighting and shelves, shelves, shelves with books.

To create a warmer interior, you can put an electric fireplace, hang deer antlers or bear skins on the wall, put a coffee machine, and get warm blankets.

Art workshop

Art workshop garage

What could be better than a place where you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your creative spirit? Only two such places. It doesn’t matter what you like to draw, play musical instruments, sew, embroider, burn, plan, sculpt… All this can be implemented in the garage, it is enough to equip it with everything necessary, insulate, and decorate (you can even create your own creations).

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