How to shrink clothes

How to shrink clothes

Any clothing is stretched, especially quickly this process occurs with things made from natural fabrics. The thing loses its shape, becomes like a bag, it looks unattractive.

Do not immediately throw out the product. Shape and attractiveness can be restored by knowing how to reduce the size of the item at home. Knowing some tricks for caring for clothes, you can make it sit down.

Things made only from artificial material will not stretch or sit down. This is only possible if the composition contains natural fibers.

As we have mentioned, some cloths have a greater tendency to shrink than many others. So rather than telling you how you can shrink a cotton shirt (that, incidentally, will not shrink), we will use cotton to exemplify the processes. Additionally, we are going to be focusing on both simplest and least demanding methods equipment-wise – many other techniques demand an excessive amount of paraphernalia or abilities.

How to shrink cotton clothes

How to shrink cotton clothes

Cotton dresses and skirts also stretch over time. Also, this trouble can occur if you initially incorrectly take care of things from this material.

To reduce the size of clothing, it needs special care.

How do I make a thing sit down after washing?

Cotton shrinks even at a temperature of 40 degrees. If you need to reduce the product a little, wash it in a washing machine, setting the temperature to 40 degrees.

If the clothes are very stretched and become several sizes larger, there is another method recommended by Housewives. This is boiling water.


  • Boil enough water in a large saucepan so that the dress or jacket is completely covered with the liquid.
  • As soon as it boils, put the cotton thing in it.
  • Keep in hot water for 10-20 minutes. The longer the clothing stays in the boiling liquid, the more it decreases. Remember this, and calculate how much size you need to sit the dress.
  • Take special tongs, remove clothing from boiling water, and rinse in cool water.

Dry the cotton in the usual way, on a clothesline, or on a towel. You will not need to use hot air drying. After this technology, things sit down to the desired size.

Can you shrink jeans?

Can you shrink jeans?

Stretch jeans can be turned into shorts or you can try to get them back to their original size.

If the trousers are stretched everywhere, only boiling or processing at a high temperature in the washing machine will help.


  • In a large saucepan, boil water.
  • Add the washing powder. Powder pour more, the solution should be strong.
  • Turn the item inside out, so that the color of the fabric is not so much affected.
  • Place the jeans in the boiling liquid and leave to cool for 30 minutes. After boiling, remove the clothes with tongs and hang them on a clothesline.

Boiling will not only reduce your pants but also shorten them. Be prepared for pants to be a little shorter in length.

Boiling can not be carried out if the clothes have such decor as sequins, patterns or they are decorated with deliberate scuffs.

Jeans can be reduced in a certain area. For example, if your waistband, knees, or buttocks are stretched.

What should I do?

  • Pour water mixed with air conditioning (3:1 ratio) into the spray gun. Shake the solution well.
  • Spray it in places where shrinkage is required. Then dry in the automatic machine at the most powerful speed.

Does nylon and polyester shrink

Does polyester shrink

Before beginning treatments on the shrinkage of the product read the user manual. Learn what the thing is made of, so as not to waste time and effort on reducing it at home in vain.

How do I make my clothes fit?

If a synthetic item has natural substances in its composition, it is possible to reduce its size. Do this in the washing machine-automatic or manually.

How to wash the product:

  • Load the item into the machine. Add the powder (at the same time and wash), set the temperature higher than that indicated on the tag. Set the average spin mode.
  • The maximum effect of shrinkage will be obtained if you soak synthetic clothing in cold liquid for a quarter of an hour. After that, you need to wash the product.

After washing, dry the item on any heating device, previously covered with a thin cloth. You can dry it on the street. You can also hang clothes over the stove. This will shrink the material a little more.

That is, the faster the product dries, the better the fabric will sit.

Drying in modern technology can cause even more shrinkage. If the usual one does not help, wet the product and place it in the unit.

The synthetic fabric quickly takes the right shape. Things just need to be washed in hotter water.

If the clothing is made of spandex and lycra, then such manipulations on its shrinkage will be futile.

Can acryl be compressed?

Can acryl be compressed?

Some synthetic materials are not susceptible to shrinkage. This is acrylic, spandex, and lycra.

No matter how much you try to reduce the size of the item a little, you will not be able to do this with the help of washing.

Clothes can only be changed to fit. Sits down during washing it will not be in hot or cold water. Extra processing in the machine will only lead to stretching things.

If you want to reduce products made of lycra, spandex, and acrylic, take them to the Studio. Experienced craftswomen quickly measure your volumes and adjust the item to fit them.

Or give this product to someone and buy a new one for yourself. There are no other options for shrinkage of acrylic, spandex, and lycra.

Does wool shrink

Does wool shrink

Such things are sure to have every resident, they are well warmed in cold times but quickly stretch.

Wool products are expensive, so do not throw them away. It is enough to study a few tricks that help to return them to their former shape and appearance.

Several ways to reduce knitted clothing:

  • Using the temperature mode. The maximum temperature for washing things made of wool is 30 degrees. If you want it to sit down, increase the degrees. Experienced Housewives are advised to raise the temperature to 55-60. The hot liquid compresses the wool fibers, and things shrink.
  • Using the wash. There are cases when adult things turned into children’s things. So much you can sit down woolen product, knowing how to wash in a machine. To make a dress, sweater or skirt slightly smaller, first, wash it in hot water, then put the rinse on 10 degrees, and dry it in the technique.
  • With air conditioning. After the temperature setting, you can use a Laundry rinse. Add 1 cap of the air conditioner to 5 liters of water at a temperature of 40 degrees. Hold in the liquid for 5-10 minutes.
  • Emergency. If you urgently need to seat a woolen dress, after washing and drying in the machine, hang the product on the heating device (heater or battery), only first cover it with a cloth. So it is possible to uniformly bring the thing to avoid deformation of the individual parts of the dress or sweater.

These methods apply only to products made of 100% wool. If the composition contains synthetic fibers, these methods are not recommended. It is not known how the clothing will behave during such heat treatment.

Shrink knitwear

Shrink knitwear

Jerseys are inexpensive, so they are quickly sold out. Only over time, they also need to be replaced, because the clothes after long wear become stretched and lose their attractiveness.

Reduce the thing from such a textile material at home will turn out without problems. When performing a special method, it can sit on 1 size.

Starting to reduce the knitwear:

  • Pour hot water into a bath, basin, or bucket. Its temperature should be 40-50 degrees, that is, 10-20 degrees more than indicated on the clothing label.
  • The product is placed in a hot liquid for 20-30 minutes. After 20 minutes, check whether the item has acquired the desired size or is still stretched. If the result is not satisfactory, add boiling water and continue soaking.
  • Squeeze out excess moisture. Do not twist the water, this will again cause the fabric to stretch. Spread the product on the bottom of the bathroom, and press it to the bottom. This way you can remove excess moisture without damaging the material.
  • Dry knitwear on a Terry towel, which should be periodically changed to dry, so that the clothes do not stink.

If you can’t reduce the knitwear at home, the second and last option is to take it to the Atelier. That’s just the work of a craftswoman that will cost a little less than buying new clothes.

How to shrink silk

How to shrink silk

Silk items should not be subjected to automatic washing, just as you should not try to reduce the size of clothing in this way.

Machine wash is not allowed for such items. They will not only lose their shape but also presentable appearance.

Silk is the most delicate fine fiber, so you can only reduce the size of clothing manually.

The natural material is afraid of high temperatures, so this method is not suitable.

To make your clothes sit down, wash them in hot water. The temperature of the liquid must be more than 10 degrees higher than indicated on the label.

You will also have to forget about drying in the machine. Dry silk products in a well-ventilated room on a clothesline in the sun or in a horizontal position.

Conclusion and Caution

Conclusion and caution during sticky

As with any Do-It-Yourself procedure, you need to anticipate the flaws in reducing clothing in your home.

When using the washing machine/dryer procedure, hot water can cause discoloration of clothes – thus, they must be washed separately so that they do not stain each other.

The compressive strength of the tissue in different places may vary and the shrinkage may not be uniform. And to return the size back is no longer possible.

The slightest mistake, especially when working with delicate fabrics, can lead to damage.

If you are afraid to test the fate of your favorite thing, it is better to take it to the seamstress. And the last option — give it to your relatives and friends. You can also take your clothes to a homeless shelter.

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  1. I will tell you a secret: when re-shrinking clothes, an important point is the choice of powder. Use gel capsules or just gel in a bottle, this will significantly reduce wear during washing.

    1. I have long switched to gel to replace powder. For washing clothes, this is what you need. I recommend!

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