How to clean a window air conditioner

How to clean a window air conditioner

Window air conditioning is the most acceptable option for an economical family. It has the main characteristics of powerful split systems, but at the same time allows you to save significant money when buying.

Air conditioning requires careful and timely care. Only if it is used correctly, you can talk about long working hours. So, the main factor of care is timely cleaning. How to clean a window air conditioner. Complex, at first glance, in operation, the device is actually cleaned quite easily. Perform basic cleaning of the device is quite capable of the average owner.

General characteristics

General characteristics window air conditioner

In order to clean the window air conditioner with your own hands, you should first familiarize yourself with the internal device of the device.

The window air conditioner is a single-component device. It consists of one main block. Its body includes a compressor, a filter, and a container with a refrigerant. In appearance, it is quite similar to a box.

Since the device is quite simple, it can be installed quite independently.

Device functions

AC functions

Window air conditioning has a number of advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Reliable operation
  • Possibility of long-term operation
  • Self-care of the device without the need to call specialists
  • Affordable price.

This is why window-type air conditioning is so popular. Owners have the opportunity to spend their fixed assets once to buy the device, then take care of the device themselves, without spending additional funds on care. So, it is quite possible to clean the window air conditioner yourself at a convenient time for the owner, without applying excessive effort.

It is worth noting some minor disadvantages inherent in these models:

  • The device produces a large amount of noise during operation
  • Due to the fact that the device is mounted in a window, sunlight penetrates less into the room. This contributes to the appearance of semi-darkness.
  • Since the window with air conditioning is not tightly sealed in winter, cold air may enter the apartment.

Window air conditioners can support different functions. Thus, the simplest and lowest-priced models only work for cooling the room.

More modern models are able to cool, heat, and purify the air, making the microclimate as comfortable as possible. Developers have achieved so many features by increasing the number of built-in filters. However, the presence of filters leads to a gradual decrease in the quality of the device due to its rapid contamination. Timely cleaning will help you here. It is quite possible to clean the window air conditioner yourself. Even cleaning the internal filters from contamination does not cause difficulties.

What is the power of a window AC

Despite its compactness, the window air conditioner has quite powerful characteristics. It can operate with power from 1.5 to 6 kilovolts depending on the model. This characteristic contributes to a completely high-quality operation that is not worse than that of a split system and allows you to process air in a room up to 60 sq. m. the Low amount of electrical energy consumed helps to save on utilities.

Where to install a window air conditioner

Where to install a window AC

When buying a device, the question naturally arises in which room it is better to install an air conditioner in order to fully use its maximum capabilities. In fact, the choice of location depends only on the aesthetic external perception of the owner. The device can be installed in absolutely any window of the apartment. The power of the device will be enough for the entire room, regardless of which room the air conditioner is installed in.

Remember that installing a window air conditioner in a room with an area of more than 60 square meters is impractical. The device is simply not able to provide a supply of clean air for such a large volume.

Properly care for the window air conditioner

Properly care for the air conditioner

Any item requires careful use and timely care. Only by observing these conditions can you achieve good and long-term operation of the device. If one day you see that the air conditioner does not work at all, or does not work at full capacity, it means that the main care for it was not carried out. The device needs to be cleaned immediately.

Basic care recommendations:

  • Periodic cleaning at least 2 times a month
  • Tracking the air temperature on the street. The timely shutdown of the device when its indicators are low
  • If the first signs of failure appear, contact the service center immediately
  • Do not set the power of the device to the maximum mode constantly. The excessive load is very harmful to the device.

How to clean a window air conditioner without removing it

How to clean a window air conditioner

When purchasing a window air conditioner, you should be aware of the degree of responsibility for the condition of the device. Without proper care, the device will not last a month. In order not to throw away a lot of money, it is necessary to clean the filters and other parts of the air conditioner from dirt in a timely manner.

If you are wondering how to clean a window air conditioner, you should understand that all the further operation of the equipment depends on the quality of the cleaning procedure. That is why cleaning should be treated as responsibly as possible.

The main factor of contamination is the spread of mold. The fact is that a non-working device is a favorable environment for the development of bacteria, dust accumulation, and mold development. Therefore, you should not leave the air conditioner turned off for a long time. Cold air flows from operating equipment simply prevent harmful substances from accumulating.

Timely cleaning of equipment has a positive effect not only on the operation of the device but also on human health. The cleaning procedure helps to remove harmful bacteria from the device and prevents their reproduction. Various screwdrivers

Recommended tools to work with:

  1. Various screwdrivers.
  2. Vacuum cleaner.
  3. Cloths.
  4. The Bank to collect dust.
  5. Cleaning brush on a long handle.
  6. Detergent in a spray bottle.
  7. Oil.
  8. Plate with a cooling effect.
  9. Some models use disposable filters, so you should use a replacement filter when preparing for cleaning.

Stages of window air conditioner cleaning:

  1. Disconnect the device from the network.
  2. You should disassemble the window air conditioner. To do this, you should familiarize yourself with its device, so as not to damage the parts.
  3. Remove the top cover of the device.
  4. Carefully remove and remove the main filter. The filter accumulates a fairly large amount of dust, so it is necessary to wash it under running water and wipe it with a detergent with a disinfecting effect to destroy harmful bacteria (the water temperature should not be higher than 40 degrees).
  5. Turn on the device at minimum power. Spray detergent on it, making sure that liquid drops get inside the air conditioner.
  6. Wait for the device to dry completely. Then put the filter in place or install a replacement one.
  7. The front panel of the air conditioner should be treated with detergent and wiped with a soft cloth.
  8. The case should also be washed first, then wiped with a dry cloth.

A complete cleaning procedure should be performed at least twice a week.

The external air filter of the device needs to be cleaned 1 time a week.

The internal heat exchanger must also be cleaned once a year:

  • Remove the top panel.
  • Remove the air filter.
  • Clean the edges of the device with a vacuum cleaner or brush. Make sure that the edges are not deformed. This reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner. The edges of the edges may be pointed, so you should work carefully.

It is recommended to clean the external heat exchanger of the device every spring. All operating modes should be checked. If there are any problems, you should contact a specialist.

The advantages of a clean air conditioner

The advantages of a clean AC

Before doing anything, let’s think about why we do it.

Over time, the air conditioner becomes dirty, its filters become clogged, and its efficiency decreases. You will feel it when it starts making more noise and becomes less cool, and sometimes the smell of mold will appear.

Using a fresh air conditioner is not just pleasant, it means that:

  • You will have clean air. With fewer irritants in asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases.
  • More pleasant smell. Removing dust and mold will make your air fresh and pleasant.
  • Will work quieter. A dirty machine must work harder to ensure the exact same result. By reducing the load, your air conditioner is likely to be more efficient. That is, the air conditioner should work quieter.
  • You will use less energy. As before, using more efficient alternating current leads to lower electricity bills.
  • The air conditioner will last longer. The less load on it, the more time it will be able to work until it breaks.

How to use the device in cold weather

How to use the AC in cold weather

Remember that the main modes of operation of the air conditioner should be used in the warm season at a temperature not lower than 0 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is below 10 degrees, only the “ventilation” mode should be enabled. The operation of the compressor during this period is extremely dangerous and fraught with its failure. However, some models have the ability to work in winter. This is indicated in the device characteristics.

It is not recommended to use the “cooling” mode at an external temperature below 16 degrees. Operating the air conditioner in this mode may damage it.

It is necessary to clean the case in a timely manner. In winter, snow, ice, and moisture may get into the device case. This will also cause it to break down.

Get the most out of him

Get the most out of Air Conditioner

Now that your air conditioner is clean, follow these tips to get the most out of your device.

  • Do a monthly filter cleaning. If you have a dusty window (a window next to the road), clean the filter more often. If you have a modern air conditioner with a HEPA filter, you need to clean it correctly. Modern filters are more effective, but they cannot be wetted.
  • Make sure all radiator fins are flat after cleaning. If there is a jam, correct it.
  • The longer and longer you use the air conditioner, the less likely it is to form mold. Mold is formed due to moisture that builds upon the ribs of the air conditioner. Before completing work, turn on the air conditioner in ventilation mode for 2 minutes to dry them.
  • If you have not yet decided in which room to install the air conditioner, place it so that the sun does not shine on it. This will facilitate his work.

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